(Deep Breath and Exhale)

Wow, it has been some time since I’ve posted a blog post on my lovely little WordPress here, mostly because I’ve had one busy Summer trying to bring my web design skills up further to Elite status (I’ve still got some ways to go.) So for my first post of the fall, I dug into the roots of what I love and I found this treasure trove of beautiful Minimalist Horror Movie Posters.

Everyone knows that I am a horror movie fanatic, from the gory and disturbed to the suspenseful and thrilling, I love them all. Here are some absolutely gorgeous minimalist poster designs done by a variety of incredibly talented designers that also embrace my love of the wonderfully creepy. You can find all of the posters at http://www.horror-movies.ca/2011/08/37-incredible-minimalist-horror-posters/

Petsemetary     Psycho

Nightmare On Elm Street     Aliens


Achievement Unlocked
If life had unlockable achievements then I and 60 other individuals would have just had “Superman Status Achievement” unlocked above our heads. CreateAthon onCampus Chattanooga 2011 edition on April 8th – 9th gave us the chance to do what we’ve all been looking forward to for so many weeks, a chance to give back to the community and become our own super heroes. In my own personal blog I’ve been continuously mentioning the movie Waiting For Superman and how it opened my eyes up to further working off self-determination to make changes for the better; and CreateAthon onCampus Chattanooga was filled with amazing people who all believed passionately  in the same thing. We all saw an opportunity to make a change for the children of Dalewood Middle and took it without hesitation, we saw a chance to become the Superman that we are all looking for.

The way I see it, calling ourselves superheroes isn’t over the top or too much. I mean, what is a superhero? Who do we define as such? To me, a Superhero is someone who saw at least one circumstance to do good in their life and make life better in someway and did so. Whether it comes to helping a child’s education, lending a friend a hand, or even just brightening up someone’s day, anything, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction to becoming your own personal Superman or Wonder Women, or in my case, one of Wonder Leslie’s Awesomenners. CreateAthon onCampus Chattanooga style was mine and many others way of making a difference and I hope, or more so, know that it won’t stop there. Everyone involved from this amazing 24-hour event will continue to build up their do good life achievements and turn this affair into an around the clock 24/7 lifestyle. I can confidently presume that we have all walked away with the determination and mentality of knowing that we, if at least for a moment, achieved Superhero Status.

This week I will have the chance to make an actual difference in my community, a small difference, but a difference none the less. On Friday, April 8th, I will be a part of a project called CreateAthon on Campus which is a 24-hour work-around-the-clock creative blitz, which encompasses the efforts of UTC students working alongside professional partners and community sponsors, who will create work for Dalewood Middle School. Dalewood Middle School is a school in Chattanooga with extraordinary energy and potential and our goal for this project is to make it shine.  It will be an amazing experience not just for myself as a designer, but also for myself as a person to be a part of such an inspiring project. Though we will not be able to make a huge splash in the school system we will be doing the important thing of trying. We will try, start, and make aware of the potential of a difference we can make in this community and particular school. Even if the entire project goes right down the drain (which I highly doubt it will) we can feel accomplished in knowing that we were able to get an entire group of people passionate about making a change in children lives, and I believe that that is something wonderful in itself.

Stay tuned here to see my experience of the outcome of CreateAthon on Campus, UTC meets Dalewood Middle School edition or go to http://createathonchatt.wordpress.com/ to see the overall involvement from more of the group.

Retro, old school, vintage, or just plain out dated, whatever you want to label the first generation gaming classics as you can’t deny their era of cool, or at least I can’t. Though I wasn’t born when video games like Frogger and Pac Man first came out,  I can appropriate them for their start to a whole new world of nerdom and late night game crazes. Illustrator Steve Thomas sees the same glimmer of amazement that I do with these games and made a series of Propaganda posters that commemorate these legends of technology and gaming.

Donkey Kong is no doubt a game legend, the mixture of Mario and the famous Primate makes some nerds get a little tight in the pants. Oh course as comedian Nick Swardson points out, explaining a game to the new generation of kids with graphics so real that in game head explosions can cause phantom heedlessness in players, is kind of difficult. Making a game about an over sized monkey throwing barrels at a plumber can sounds more than a bit dry. That is one of the brilliant things about these collection of posters, taking the propaganda WWII aesthetic brings new life and action in to the old game. All of the posters use eye catching colors and throw back typefaces to make the games feel like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Steve Thomas does a great job of capturing the nostalgia that die hard fans want with a mitxure of a different time and place that makes them seem new.

Link to see the rest here: http://collider.com/awesome-retro-video-game-propaganda-posters-joust-dig-dug-tron-frogger-donkey-kong-and-galaga/22327/



Donkey Knog

Best Picture Minimalist Posters

Oh the Academy Awards aka the Oscars… glamorous, stylish, and mysterious to we mere mortals. For to supper actor elite though it’s just another day in the life. Of course beyond the celebrities there are the actual movies themselves, the thing that the Oscars were made for. Here is another set of minimalist poster that represent last weeks best movie nominees and there are, just like the stars in them, fabulous.

Inception Minimalist PostersSocial Network Minimalist Poster

Here are a few of the posters that I pulled out from the bunch that I love. First up is Inception, the mind warping new classic by Christopher Nolan. Using simple lines to contrast against the sideways text and cup form the bar scene, you get the sense of being thrown in to a world that’s more than off balanced. Then a clean crisp type face keeps the poster modern and effortless. The other poster I loved for its straightforward design is this design for the Social Network. David Fincher’s semi non fiction drama is captured by the inner workings of a mind riddled by equations and an idea that would change a generation. The use of a monotone color pallet, complex numbers, and a slight visual of an Ivy League campus haunts and seizes the frame. All posters in this collection from the best of the best movies from last year are shown with a simple glance of the check and elegance of simplicity.

Link at: http://oscars.movies.yahoo.com/photos/147-best-picture-minimalist-posters

In the last couple of weeks I have watched the movies The Lottery, Waiting For Superman, and heard Geoffrey Canada speak. It’s safe to say that problems in education have been on my mind. The frustration of knowing the imbalance of getting a proper education in America is so high and so excessive, is absolutely ridiculous and well again, extremely frustrating. I see all of these elements that stand in the way of making our education system work for everyone, and it makes me feel actually somewhat empowered. It has made me feel empowered to stand up and make a difference in my community. Luckily, I will soon get a chance to make a small difference in my community thanks to the devotion of professionals around me. I will be able to make a small difference which is great but, it makes me wonder, where is everyone else? If two weeks made me go from naive to angry, upset, and passionate about this situation then what will it take to make everyone else aware about this problem? Where is the education army who is going to make everything better? As they the movie title states, where is Superman?

I’m so surprised that there so few many people who have committed their life to fixing the system and I sadly think I know why. It’s because we as surveyed the most confident country in the world, are in a bit of denial. We as a whole never think there is a real problem and if there is one, then it’ll get fixed by someone… someday… somewhere else. Big news everyone, you are the one to fix this problem. You are the one who has to educate yourself to make life before for our children. You have to make yourself become the superman that your children need. If you want change then I suggest you start changing. This post doesn’t just apply to education, it applies to anything that you even remotely begin to feel passionate about. If you believe in change, then change. It’s time to stop relining on others and get on the self empowered bandwagon, something I haven’t learned until this year, and hopefully will never forget.

That title is for real, I pity anyone who doesn’t Validate their website often or even at all, (is that even legal?) Validating your website through an official Validating site (like through http://validator.w3.org/ ) is essential on so many different levels. With proper validating you get a detective who searches through your code and finds all of the errors for you, with no charge or added fees. You get a service that prepares your code for the many different browser options that are on web. It makes sure that your code will be accessible through Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and Internet Explorer 7. Validating your code will make you and your website professional and ridiculously polished.

Some tips when validating I can give to those who are not on the validation boat yet, are pretty simple. First of all, validate as often as humanly possible. After you got your main HTML and CSS written up validate your code often to make sure everything is going smoothly and can problems can be fixed as soon as they are made. Another tip is the explanation of a parse error. Trust me this is one thing you’ll want to understand, because when validating your CSS you will get this error constantly. Now, the real definition is a bit blurry, something about syntax errors and a misunderstanding in the programing language, don’t get freaked out by all of this like I did. You see a parse error is just simply a typo. Somewhere in your code you just made a typo. Not scary at all, like the entire validation process easy to understand and not so scary. So, there really isn’t any reason to not validate, so get out there and validate like your life depended on it (and really your web professional life kind of does).